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We help our clients by providing insight and clarity to find and unlock hidden financial value in processes, and building capability within client teams, giving these teams clarity on the real priority opportunities within their organisations and the ability and motivation to deliver results.

We have experience working with a wide variety of clients. Example projects have included:

Major supermarket: process insight

Determined the true root causes of lost on-shelf customer availability and lost sales, revealing the opportunity to reduce closing stock levels and significantly improve product freshness and customer perception. Projected impacts of 9-figure top-line growth and 8-figure waste reduction.

Major supermarket: end-to-end supply chain optimisation

Identified £60m pa in-store labour productivity improvements through changing the way deliveries are made from distribution centres, and £10m labour saving by better matching check-out capacity to demand. Developed process to bring visibility and challenge to produce procurement decisions, with over £10m pa savings implemented to date.

NHS 111 contact centres: efficiency and service improvement

3 projects across 5 contact centres. Trained & supported managers to redesign rotas, matching capacity to demand & challenging inefficiencies. 16% efficiency improvement & improved service level, ending NHS Commissioner rectification. Visibility of individual performance on efficiency & outcomes, enabled performance feedback, improving patient outcomes & staff morale.

Sugar refinery: resolved supply problem

A major plant was struggling with throughput and suffering losses of $1m per day due to a specific problem which had remained unsolved for 6 weeks and was resulting in customer shortages and fines. Eliminated problem and returned refinery to capacity within 1 week.

Sugar refinery: capacity increase

Trained and led process improvement teams from a cross-section of the client, increasing throughput of $250m asset by 30% delivering $200m top line growth. Decreased energy usage/tonne by 16%, worth $2m pa. Rigorously measured and reduced yield losses throughout plant, saving $12m pa.

Breakfast cereals: capacity increase

Solved problems to increase line speed across multiple products, achieving up to 76% step change in efficiency within 5 weeks, worth $2.1m pa. Optimised multihead weigher setup to decrease giveaway in overweight production, saving $220k pa.

Bakery: efficiency and yield increase

10% increase in output on main bread line. Delivered £750k pa bottom line savings across labour, materials and distribution, through speed increase, downtime reduction, labour control, bake loss reduction, giveaway reduction and waste reduction.

Frozen desserts: efficiency and yield increase

23% increase in efficiency on main frozen desserts line. Reduced material giveaway by more than 50% across 4 main lines, whilst reducing under and over-weight products by more than 60%. Overall savings of £780k pa, split 50:50 between labour and materials.

Aircraft components: capacity increase and lead time reduction

Increased capacity 270% to meet increased demand, through increased asset utilisation by reducing held jobs and through efficiency increase. Reduced lead time by reducing time to resolve technical queries by 82%.

Door manufacturer: strategic assessment and site consolidation

Determined the most cost effective option for consolidation of production across multiple sites. Led project to increase efficiency and capacity of main site, and oversaw site relocation, from equipment layout to skill and process transfer.

Medical Consumables Manufacturer – Efficiency Increase

Trained client team in process improvement, enabled client to challenge constraints on machine speed, supported project resulting in 24% increase in production, delaying £1.8 million CapEx by 18 months.


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